Arif Ziya TUNÇ


The effects of my personal artistic and aesthetic concerns are evident in my photographs, in which I try to express my creativity. I try to reinterpret my photographs in digital environment according to my own art style and aesthetic concerns. I am looking for new expansions in photography as a visual art technique. I turn my camera to an object, figure, place or nature that is considered useless. To me, these seemingly useless images mean the same thing as colors on an artist’s palette. By cutting them off, overlapping them, making them transparent or opaque, I get a new photographic image. Although it reminds us of collage at first, my technique is a little different. I am trying to create a new photographic image by using layers of photographs that complement each other, which I briefly call “Photofusion”. I hope that my photographs will create a sense of discovery and pleasure in the viewer in terms of subject and technique. I am doing these photographic arrangements that excite me in digital environment using photoshop and other software.

In my photographs, as in oil paintings, in order to be based on the principle of uniqueness and by following some rules on this subject, I print a certain number (albeit in different sizes) and for each print, the total number of prints and a fractional number indicating the number of prints of that work (for example; 5/25).

I write in a pencil on the back of the print in my own handwriting.

These Limited Editions are made by a local printing house specializing in Fine Art printing, on high quality special printing papers, with special dyes that will not be affected by light. The prints that I will present to art lovers with the Certificate of Authenticity are individually checked for quality by me before they are numbered and signed. Then it is signed in accordance with the principles stated above.

* Different print size, white space on the edges (with or without matting), solid (4 cm deep and 0.8 cm wide  on the front), framed or unframed, plastered on a solid base (0.5 cm. deco.) and ready to hang is presented.

* Orders are prepared within five working days, packed under appropriate conditions, and sent to the desired address by cargo.




Print : Canon Image Prograf – ipf 9000 s Model
Printing Paper : Canon Glossy Photo Paper, 220gr
3M Matte lamination
Color : Canon Lucia Pigment
Printing house :